VUE Global Touring Summit 2018

You are cordially invited to be part of the
2018 VUE Global Touring Summit

In just a few short years, our partners have helped the VUE al-Class line arrays achieve one of the fastest touring rider adoption rates in pro audio history. In 2018 alone, al-Class systems shared the spotlight with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams, and Janet Jackson. VUE systems also took the stage at premiere events such as BottleRock Napa Valley, San Francisco Pride, the Goldrush Music Festival, and Forbes Under 30 Summit, just to name a few.

We couldn’t be more humbled and grateful for all the support from the industry and our talented partners. In fact, we were just getting ready to give Mike Adams a well-earned three day weekend and raise some pumpkin spiced latte’s in celebration when 2018 decided to deliver one more surprise in the form of an unprecedented four Parnelli Award nominations for the al-12 and our partners.

All this attention got our wheels turning. How could we possibly pass up such an obvious opportunity to crank the volume and throw a few back with our valued partners? Heck, Sara’s always up for a hootenanny! While we’re at it, let’s rustle up a spare amphitheater and show the uninitiated what all the hubbub is about!

So that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Coming to Southern California and Nashville, the VUE Global Touring Summit is a unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with VUE’s design and support teams, while hobnobbing with some of our leading touring partners. You will also experience VUE’s touring products in a real-world environment, with system demos, product training and plenty of socializing available.

The Global Touring Summit is open to all, however, we are providing a limited number of spaces for private, hands-on demos of the al-12 Acoustic Linearity line array and hs-221 infrasonic subwoofers. Our friends at DiGiCo and SSL are providing consoles and playback stems, so if you’re the “handsy” type, be sure to reserve your private session.



“We’ve added significant new partners to the VUE Global Touring Network over this past year, and this event is a unique opportunity for people looking to join the VUE Network to meet up and fully experience the VUE’s advanced touring systems,” says Kenneth Berger VUE’s CEO. “We’re very proud of how quickly the al-12 has become recognized throughout the world along with the unprecedented growth in rider acceptance.”

al-Class Products

al-4 Line Array System
al-8 Line Array System
al-12 Line Array System
al-4SB Flyable Subwoofer System
al-8SB Flyable Subwoofer System
VUEDrive™ System Engines

h-Class Products
h-5 High Definition System
h-8 High Definition Full Range System
h-208 -Dual 8” Low Profile System
h-12W & h-12N High Definition Systems
h-15W & h-15N High Definition Systems

h-Class Stage Monitors
hm-108A Compact Stage Monitor
hm-112 High Definition Stage Monitor
hm-115 High Output Stage Monitor
hm-212 High Output Stage Monitor

h-Class ACM Subwoofers
hs-20 Dual 10-inch ACM Subwoofer System
hs-25 Dual 15 inch ACM Subwoofer System
hs-28 Dual 18 inch ACM Subwoofer System
hs-221 Dual 21 inch ACM Subwoofer System

East Coast Demo Dec 5-6

West Coast Demo Nov 26-28

VUE loudspeaker products at Janet Jackson Miami SOTW Tour (Photo – Mark Brown)