al-12 Large-format Line Array System

VUE’s al-Class line array systems have achieved international recognition for raising the bar for sonic definition, through a combination of advanced transducer design and tightly integrated dsp. The al-12 takes the Acoustic Linearity concept further dramatically increasing overall output to expand the scale of applications that can benefit from the al-Class’ pristine sonic performance.


  • Three-way, High output true Line Array design
  • New State-of the Art transducer technology with
    • 3-inch Diamater Beryllium HF very high output with exceptional clarity
    • Kevlar MF driver with larger voice coil and magnet for more output before power compression
  • Integrated VUEDrive™ System Engines with SystemVUE network control and Dante networking audio distribution.
  • Fully compatible with VUEPoint beam steering technology
  • Extremely Scalable – Continuous Source Topology (CST™) technology allows the combination of  al-12 acoustic elements with al-8s and al-4s to build complex hybrid arrays
  • Integrated flying hardware allows quick assembly of large arrays
  • Full complement of system optimized subwoofers, flying and transport accessories


al-12 front view

8x-al-12-+-al-12fb+-al-12ufb-+-4x-al-8-al-8ufb-2x-al-4-front-with-Logos-whiteVUE has been hard at work on creating a high-output system for large-scale applications that would remain faithful to the fidelity standards established with the al-4 and al-8 systems. Retaining the bandwidth, definition, and linearity of VUE’s smaller line array systems while producing output levels required for large stadium applications, was no small accomplishment.  In fact, it required a re-thinking of possibilities, effectively resulting in the development of a whole new set of advanced transducers, new suspension designs, and system packaging.

The al-12 was designed from the ground up to cover large-scale applications while preserving the unique ability to integrate with all of the al-Class members in hybrid arrays. The al-12 utilizes VUE’s proprietary Continuous Source Topology (CST™) technology to achieve seamless performance and system scalability across all al-Class line array elements.

Like the al-Class’ al-4 and al-8, the al-12 line array system utilizes VUE’s most advanced technologies and innovative designs to deliver superior sonic performance and unparalleled versatility. Cutting-edge technologies such as the new purpose-built 3-in beryllium compression driver, Kevlar/Neo transducers, precision amplification and DSP, as well as onboard SystemVUE networking and full compatibility with the VUEPoint beam steering technology, allow the highly scalable al-12 to deliver unprecedented performance to an even broader range of sound reinforcement applications.

The ‘al-12 Line Array System’ is made up of the al-12 Acoustic Elements and rack-mount V3 Systems Engines. The V3 combines a highly refined DSP architecture and onboard SystemVUE networking capabilities allowing easy assembly of sophisticated networks with remote management and control available via the intuitive SystemVUE software.



Expanding the Line

al-12-array-side-viewVUE’s al-Class line array systems have achieved international recognition for raising the bar for sonic definition, through a combination of advanced transducer design and tightly integrated dsp, The al-12 expands the scale of applications that can benefit from the al-Class’ pristine sonic performance. The al-12 was designed from the ground up to cover large-scale applications while preserving the unique ability to integrate with all of the al-Class members in hybrid arrays that do not ‘break the line’.

Not only should this system be impressive on its own merits, it would be elemental to maintain the ability for all of the al-Class systems to work together in an optimized and coherent manner. These unique challenges forced VUE to build a whole new set of transducers and re-think the possibilities.







The System VUE

v3-v6-chinaIMG_2842The ‘al-12 Line Array System’ is made up of the al-12 Acoustic Elements and rack-mount V3 Systems Engines. The V3 combines a refined DSP architecture and onboard SystemVUE networking capabilities allow easy assembly of sophisticated  networks with remote management and control available via the intuitive SystemVUE control software.  The system is powered in blocks of two al-12 enclosures, and a single  V3 rack mount amplifier/DSP unit. The V3 provides 1600 watts sine wave or 4000 watts burst for each of the low and mid frequency channels, and 500 watts sine wave / 1000 watts burst for the high frequencies. The V3 is equipped with analogue, AES and Dante inputs and full ethernet based SystemVUE remote control.

VUE is developing a modular amplifier system capable of flying with the al-12 which will incorporate identical dsp and amplification of the V3 in a higher density configuration. The system will be sold in standard blocks, with sixteen al-12 Acoustic Elements and an eight VUEDrive™ V3 Systems Engines comprising a single block. Multiple al-12 blocks will be combined to address larger applications.

For applications where extended low-frequency is required, the al-12SB is a companion subwoofer system with two 18-inch Neodymium woofers optimized to provide solid low-frequency response down to below 40Hz in a very compact enclosure that can be flown in arrays along with the al-12s,  in sub only adjacent arrays or ground stacked. The al-12 is fully compatible with a variety of VUE subwoofers, including the large format h-Class subwoofers.

CST ™ Technology

al-12-Vue-system-overview-03-frontDefinition of Topology: “The study of geometric properties and spatial relations unaffected by the continuous change of shape or size of figures.”

CST™ re-defines the concept of system ‘Scalability’. Acoustic Linearity Architecture paired with CST™ allows the use of multiple different al-Class elements together in an array without sacrificing the elemental line-array theory basics, resulting in a coherent and symmetrical line-source from the largest cabinet at the top of the array, to the smallest under-hung elements. The family of al-Class products feature three line array elements for maximum flexibility in sound design, inventory profitability, unbeatable coherency. Furthermore, the VUE al-Class Line Arrays support VUEPoint™ Beam Forming to further achieve unsurpassable performance and coverage control in any given room configuration.


al-Class Combination Arrays
The VUE al-Class line arrays are the only system that can combine ultra-compact (al-4), medium format (al-8) and large-format (al-12) enclosures into a single coherent array without compromising  the mid- and high-frequency coherency. This design feature enables a level of unparalleled system versatility. One can create virtually seamless arrays fully optimized for every parameter including coverage, sound pressure level, size and weight. This also expands the capitalization of a rental inventory for all portable applications.

To understand the latest developments in line array technology? Download the ACOUSTIC LINEARITY White Paper.






The Truextent® Beryllium Advantage

be-diaphagm-03 h-Class full range systems and al-Class line arrays all employ VUE-designed compression drivers that feature a Truextent® beryllium diaphragm at their core. Beryllium outperforms both aluminum and titanium thanks to an extremely high stiffness-to-mass ratio, which dramatically reduces mechanical deformation (breakup) and shifts resonant frequencies outside the audible range. The net result is a more defined HF at much higher SPLs than more conventional materials.
Read more about the advantages of Truextent beryllium  


VUEPoint-Beam-Forming-for-Superior-Coverage vuepoint-diagVUEPoint is an innovative new process for system optimization that brings the power of beam forming to virtually any mainstream line array application.

EASEFocus2Developed in partnership with Berlin-based AFMG Technologies, the undisputed leader in room modeling and analysis software, VUEPoint is a four-part process that combines VUE’s sophisticated DSP and VUEPoint software with AFMG’s revolutionary FIRmaker technology.

VUEPoint can be applied to the al-8 or any VUE Audiotechnik line array without the need for special upgrades or add-ons. The Capabilities are already integrated into V6 System Engine’s DSP architecture and SystemVUE software. By following a simple four-step VUEPoint process al-8 users can achieve dramatic improvements in coverage and spectral consistency in virtually any environment.


Suspension System


al-12 System Rigging (Preliminary)


al-12-XTR Transport Cart