Norway-based avon VUE’s Their Second Decade

Charter distributors since VUE Audio’s inception, company founders attribute a great deal of their success to the professional quality of their product lines and VUE’s pristine reliability and configurability. In fact, avon was the first distributor outside the United States to take on the VUE brand.

“Our entire business is guided by the simple principle — ‘when quality matters’ — we realize everyone needs to make money, but our driving force is pristine audio first, and the rest will follow,” explained Edgar Andraa Lien, avon co-founder. “We have done business with the big boys before, and the difference with VUE is that we really are a team. We can discuss, hear and be heard. The gear list for our celebration proves that we are a hard-core high-quality audio company. VUE allows us to deliver more than typical sales propaganda that we experience with most companies.”

Chad Singer FOH for Kansas & Chandler Center’s Dean Hannula talk about the al-12

Chad Singer, Production Manager and Front of House Engineer for Kansas talks about his first gig with VUE’s new al-12 large format CST Line Array System and hs-221 Infrasonic Dual 21-inch ACm Subwoofer at the Chandler Center for the Arts.

And Dean Hannula, Senior Production Coordinator for the Chandler Center for the arts talks about the VUE al-12 Acoustic Linearity line array system after the Kansas Leftoverture 40th Anniversary Tour show in Chandler, AZ on April 23, 2017 with an al-12 system supplied by Sound Image.

Stephen Afasano – FOH Pimps of Joytime

Stephen Afasano FOH Engineer for Pimps of Joytime recently had the opportunity to mix on the brand new al-12 system at 2016 Bottlerock in Napa, CA:  “Thanks so much for building such a kick ass rig, I feel fortunate to have worked on it during its inaugural weekend in Napa”  He also described the rig flown on […]

Joseph Walsh – FOH Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs generally tours in performing arts venues and theatres and generally only carry a mixing console and a monitor rig. The FOH system is typically a house PA or a local rental. Joseph Walsh recently made a stop in Wilmington, NC, with local VUE Audiotechnik partner company Soundwave Productions providing the PA system for […]

Brillz – DJ

Brillz uses VUE Audiotechnik al-4’s and al-8SB’s on stage for DJ Monitors on the Live Nation’s TWONK Di NATION TOUR. The 40+tour dates carry board groups and an all VUE DJ Monitor rig, using various venue’s house rigs. “The Vue al-8SBs have that bug low end I need in my monitors when DJ at any show or festival.”  Here’s a little […]

Jim Feeney – Tour Manager & Audio Engineer for Brillz

Jim Feeney used VUE Audiotechnik al-4’s and al-8SB’s on stage for DJ Monitors on the Live Nation’s TWONK Di NATION TOUR. The 40+tour dates carry board groups and an all VUE DJ Monitor rig, using various venue’s house rigs. “Vue al-4s offer huge sound with a small box. Perfect for everything from a DJ Fill to a FOH PA.”    

Joshua Driscoll – FOH Slightly Stoopid

Joshua Driscoll used VUE Audiotechnik powered h-Class hs-25 subs with h-15 tops for stage side fills and at Solana Beach, CA’s famed BellyUp club. “Thanks again for hooking up those side fills from VUE. They worked perfectly for us. What a great sounding speaker line.”  

Kyle T. Hamilton – FOH Janet Jackson, Pharrell, Rihanna

Kyle Hamilton used Sound Image provided VUE Audiotechnik h-Class Powered Full Range speakers as near field monitors on the recent Pharrell tour. “Vue h-8s are the only near field monitors that seemlessly translate my mix into concert PAs… I love these monitors!!!”

David Delhomme – Bassist in The Rickey Minor Band – American Idol

David Delhomme plays guitar and keyboards in the ‘Rickey Minor Band’ and used VUE’s h-Class speakers and subwoofers for his monitor rig on American Idol 2015. “After using the VUE h-15’s & hs-25 I can’t imagine having to hear any other system!! i am now completely addicted to the incredible tone both at a whisper and an ear bleed, […]

Hugh Johnson – FOH Vince Gill

The 2015 Vince Gill Tour takes them though theaters of America. They do not carry a main system and rely on house systems. Johnson carries a Sound Image provided VUE front fill system to augment and compliment the house systems for full, even coverage. At front of house, Johnson uses VUE i-6a (active) compact full-range speakers as nearfield monitors, with […]