International Full Gospel Fellowship Upgrades with VUE al-4 System

“We assembled the array exactly as recommended by the EASE model. On the very first try, the VUE line array hit all the desired listening areas exactly as predicted. I’ve never had a line array go up so easily.”

Princeton’s Frist Theater Gets Audio Upgrade with VUE al-4 Line Array

“The al-4’s compact size and ability to scale up and down, or drop in and out of a road case in pre-assembled stacks, makes it extremely easy to work with. It’s really the perfect balance of line array performance and single-box simplicity.”

VUE al-4 Line Array Takes Flight at the White Eagle Rock n’ Roll Hotel

“Right out of the box and without any EQ, the al-4 sounded absolutely amazing….We knew pretty quickly that the al-4 was perfect for us.”

Be Media Selects VUE i-Class for Buffalo Wild Wings

“So far we’ve received nothing but positive feedback about the VUE speakers. We’re extremely pleased and feel very confident that moving forward with VUE will produce many more positive results for our clients and their guests.”

VUE al-8 Line Array Delivers For Jakarta Praise Community Church

“The beryllium drivers in the al-8 translate the upper frequencies better than anything I’ve tried before. The al-8’s are so clean and accurate that I feel like they can handle anything I send them.”