hs-28 Dual 18 inch ACM Subwoofer


  • ACM™ Active Compliance Management: Patent-pending hybrid design combines both band-pass and vented alignments into a single, compact footprint for more output and definition.
  • Tons of horsepower: Dual amplifier modules supply 830W pure sine wave power (2000W “peak” power) to each woofer.
  • Purpose-designed transducers: Dual spider long-excursion woofers features large, 4-inch voice coils for increased power handling and reduce power compression.
  • Standard IP for easy networking onboard: .Simply plug-in, and the system automatically connects to virtually any kind of IP configuration.
  • SystemVUE software: Mac and Windows compatible software provides access to networks and device-level parameters such as speaker protection, input/output levels, volume, mute, delay and input sources
  • Built for the road: Premium birch plywood enclosure with extensive internal bracing and a highly durable Dura Coat finish.
  • Simplifies Setup of Directional Arrays: Software control and on-board dsp support virtually all directional array configurations without the need for external processing (factory presets included for basic CSA arrays).
  • Impressive output-to-size ratio: Ideal for building extremely high-output and compact subwoofer arrays

The hs-28 utilizes VUE’s revolutionary Active Compliance Management (ACM) technology to reset the size-to-performance benchmark for subwoofer systems. The combination of ACM technology and the hs-28’s highly-sophisticated on-board electronics result in massive amounts of pure, clean low-frequency energy from a dual 18-inch configuration that embodies a significantly smaller enclosure than other dual 18-inch designs.


More than just SPL

h-class-premium-powered-systemsMost manufacturers design subwoofers that move as much air as possible in order to achieve maximum output. At VUE Audiotechnik, our designers believe that a high-performance subwoofer shouldn’t sacrifice definition in favor of SPL alone.

Achieving a better balance of output and musicality starts by focusing on those frequencies that matter most — the critical “sweet spot” between 35 and 80 Hz. After all, a properly designed full-range speaker should be more than capable of operating effectively down to 80 Hz.

From there we incorporate our most advanced technologies — from system-optimized power amplification and DSP for each individual woofer, to innovative architectures tested and honed through years of on-the-road trials. With every new design our objective is to challenge commonly accepted compromises and balance definition with impact to achieve a more “musical” result.

hs-28, Dual 18-Inch Active Subwoofer 

This goal is realized in the new hs-28, a dual 18-inch active design that debuts VUE Audiotechnik’s patent pending, Active Compliance Management (ACM) technology.

Combining the best attributes of direct radiating and band-pass configurations, ACM technology begins with a truly unique driver configuration, where both woofers share a common vented chamber.

One woofer’s frontal radiation is direct, while the other woofer drives a second vented chamber that has fourth-order response characteristics.

Each woofer has its own amplifier and power supply, and is assigned a unique DSP algorithm.

The sophisticated combination of physics and DSP enables the summed acoustic output of woofers and vents to be exceptionally flat in both magnitude and phase, while overall distortion is exceedingly low in comparison to its significant acoustic output.

We put a V8 in it! 

Each woofer has a dedicated amplifier and power supply good for total of 4,000 W of power.  Active onboard electronics include system-optimized amplification and DSP for each driver and cabinet combination.



hs-28 Downloads:

VUE Subwoofer & H-Class Downloads:

H-15 Drawing PDF Format
  1 files      4 downloads
h-15 Drawing DXF Format
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h-12 Drawing DXF Format
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h-12 Drawing PDF Format
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h-8 Drawing PDF Format
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h-8 Drawing DXF Format
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h-5 Drawing DXF Format
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h-5 Drawing PDF Format
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h-208 System Data Sheet (pdf)
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al-12SB Drawing DXF Format
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  1 files      191 downloads
VUEDrive & H-Class Current Draw Tech Note
  1 files      157 downloads
hs-25 双15寸紧凑型高输出ACM 超重低音规格书 (pdf)
  1 files      177 downloads
h-12W & h-12N 12寸高保真全频系统规格书 (pdf)
  1 files      170 downloads
hs-28 双18寸紧凑型高输出ACM 超重低音规格书 (pdf)
  1 files      171 downloads
h-15W & h-15N 15寸高保真全频系统规格书 (pdf)
  1 files      162 downloads
hs-20 双10寸紧凑型高输出ACM 超重低音规格书 (pdf)
  1 files      177 downloads
h-8 8寸高保真全频系统规格书 (pdf)
  1 files      161 downloads
h-5 双5寸高保真全频系统规格书 (pdf)
  1 files      149 downloads
hm-112 & hm-212 高保真舞台监听系统规格书 (pdf)
  1 files      176 downloads
as-418 Technical Drawing
  1 files      692 downloads
SystemVUE 3.4.8 h-Class Factory Files
  6 files      318 downloads
h-15 (N&W) EASE & EASE FOCUS System Definition Files (GLL’s)
  2 files      253 downloads
h-12 (W&N) EASE & EASE FOCUS System Definition Files (GLL’s)
  2 files      274 downloads
LSI – Desinger Notebook – Beryllium (pdf)
  1 files      368 downloads
al-8SB Flying Subwoofer System Data Sheet (pdf)
  1 files      675 downloads
is-26 Compact Subwoofer Data Sheet (pdf)
  1 files      443 downloads
is-15 & is-18 Subwoofer Systems Data Sheet (pdf)
  1 files      401 downloads
as-418 Quad 18-in Isobaric Subwoofer Data Sheet (pdf)
  1 files      981 downloads
h-8 8-in Ultra Compact System Data Sheet (pdf)
  1 files      463 downloads
h-15N & H15W 15-in High Definition System Data Sheet (pdf)
  1 files      418 downloads
h-12W & h-12N 12-in High Definition System Data Sheet (pdf)
  1 files      476 downloads
hs-28 Dual 18-in ACM Subwoofer Data Sheet (pdf)
  1 files      614 downloads
hs-25 Dual 15-in ACM Subwoofer Data Sheet
  1 files      473 downloads
hs-20 Data Sheet
  1 files      414 downloads
h-5 Data Sheet
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al-4-sb Flying Subwoofer Datasheet (pdf)
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VUE System Definition Files (GLL’s) – Single Zip for EASE Focus
  1 files      1934 downloads
hm-112 & hm-212 Stage Monitor
  1 files      671 downloads


Dimensional Drawing



Active Compliance Management (ACM) Patent Pending

ACM is a unique hybrid design that combines the attributes of direct radiating and band-pass configurations to reduce distortion and optimize amplitude and phase response


For more information go to the ACM Technology Page


SystemVUE Software

For more information go the SystemVUE product page.


Like all h-Class systems, the hs-28 ships with networking capabilities already on-board. There’s no need for additional cards or retrofitting.  VUE uses standard IP protocols to simplify the networking process. Simply plug in and the hs-28 will automatically connect to virtually any kind of IP configuration. Users can then access and monitor network and device-level parameters through our SystemVUE™ software. The Ethernet connection also allows the use of Dante® for audio transport.