hm-112 High Definition Stage Monitor System


hm-112 Features

  • Neodymium HF compression driver with 4″ (100 mm) voice coil and Truextent® beryllium diaphragm for exceptional high frequency clarity and output
  • Integrated electro-acoustic system with rack mount V4 Systems Engine that provides specially configured dsp and massive power output for quick setup and zero performance compromises
  • Optimized coverage for real world stage monitoring use
  •  Full network monitoring and control via SystemVUE software.
  • Very low-profile and rugged birch ply-hardwood enclosure with 12-layer coating Dura-Coat LX finish provides clear sight lines and years of reliable service


hm-112 Applications

  • Touring sound
  • Concert broadcasting
  • Theatrical sound reinforcement
  • Portable and installed audio-visual systems
  • Themed entertainment venues
  • Houses of worship

Subject to the same “No Compromises” design philosophy behind our flagship h-Class systems, the new hm monitors leverage VUE’s most advanced technologies to deliver exceptional output and definition from a  compact and highly durable package.

From their precision transducers with cutting-edge diaphragm and suspension components, to the companion rack-mount V4 Systems Engine, all aspects of the hm monitors work in perfect harmony to deliver unparalleled output and fidelity for the most demanding fold-back applications.

Rugged and Purposeful Enclosure Design

The precision-engineered transducers are housed in a rugged and extremely low-profile enclosure that ensures clear sight lines from audience (or camera) to performers,  while providing a large sweet spot for talent–whether directly over the monitor or down stage.

Durability is ensured thanks to a rugged, 12-step DuraCoat LX finish and a heavily braced, powder coated grill capable of surviving the most dramatic lean-ins, stomps, or occasional “axe” bludgeoning.

Road Tested and Stage Ready

The hm monitors are designed as our consummate high definition stage monitor systems. They benefit from Design Chief Michael Adams’ more than 30 years of working with world-class artists in demanding live and broadcast applications. Leveraging his extensive real-world  experience, Michael has addressed everything from coverage and directivity, to system and floor geometry. The goal? To ensure that the VUE hm-112 and hm-212 deliver unsurpassed consistency, whether directly overhead (hand held), or upstage.
But all that only scratches the surface. Thoughtful cabinet design ensures that the hm monitors offer minimal visual intrusion between audience and performer.  Their uniquely low profile ensures that coveted sight lines are preserved for set designers and video producers alike, while also reducing required truck space when it’s time to pack up and go.

In addition, the hm monitors offer exceptionally clean and wide dynamic range – allowing  monitor engineers to place solos or vocals in the front of the mix, exactly where they belong.

Finally, the hm-112  benefits r sophisticated DSP via the companion V4 VUEDrive Systems Engine. This ensures minimal reflections and optimal tuning to avoid the typical hurdles that plague less sophisticated monitor systems.  Thanks to Michael Adams’ real-world perspective, hm monitors arrive from the factory fully ready to rock, with minimal tweaking.






hm-212 has very low stage hight for excellent
sight lines & Optimized Coverage for
up-close and mid-stage use


Cutting Edge Transducers

VUE-Be-4inch-IMG_0596-2-insertIt all begins at their core, where the hm monitors combine on precision-engineered, 12-inch LF transducers with a horn-loaded compression driver that features VUE’s revolutionary Truextent® beryllium diaphragm. Thanks to beryllium’s extremely high stiffness-to-mass ratio, this unique compression driver delivers dramatically more HF definition, intelligibility and output than more conventional aluminum or titanium-based designs. Both drivers feature massive voice coils and magnet assemblies designed to minimize power compression while ensuring consistent fidelity and feedback stability right up to maximum output.

Systems Engine

Powerful Amplification and DSP

v4-dThe hm monitors are a fully integrated electro-acoustic system that includes the companion V4 Systems Engine, a 2-in/4-out rack-mount processor/amplifier that provides two mixes and four channels of amplification for more than enough “oomph” for two hm-212 systems, or up to four hm-112 systems.

When bundled with the hm monitors, the V4 Systems Engine’s highly sophisticated digital signal processor is optimized specifically for on-stage environments, the unique transducers and cabinet geometry of each hm model. As a result, users can quickly assemble a perfect artist reference system that delivers absolute fidelity across the stage and zero feedback.

Networking Capabilities are Standard

network-dig-02The V4 Systems Engine provides networking and remote management capabilities as standard. There’s no need for additional cards or retrofitting.  Right out of the box, users can easily assemble expanded networks and use the intuitive SystemVUE software (Mac and Windows) for remote monitoring and control of each element or device on that network. And, since VUE’s network technology relies on standard IP protocols, setup is a breeze.

Dimensional Drawing



Model hm-112
Description Single 12-in
Acoustic Data
Frequency Response ±3dB 50 – 21 k Hz
Efficiency (1W/1m Equivalent over operating band) 96 dB
Max SPL †
(band limited pink noise 6 dB crest factor)Transient Peak (Program Material)
125 dB SPL @ 1m134 dB SPL @ 1m
Max SPL Long Term (AVG SPL @ 1 M before protection band limited pink noise) 119 dB SPL
Coverage Horizontal 70 degrees – 6 dB
Coverage Vertical 45 degrees – 6 dB
Amplifier Data (hm + V4)
Amplifier Power (Long Term Sine Wave before protection) LF: 830 watts rms (4x hm-112 LF) HF: 275 watts rms (4x hm-112 HF)
Amplifier Power (Per Monitor @ 1% THD) LF: 1,250 watts rms (2x hm-112 LF) HF: 350 watts rms (2x hm-112 HF)
Amplifier Protection Input limiter, short-circuit protection, DC protection of output, under & over voltage protection, intelligent mains fuse protection, power stage overload protection, temperature protection of transformers and heat-sinks
Operational Voltage Universal Mains, 85-268V (dual voltage auto selection). UREC™ power supply integrated amplifier modules provide universal mains operation for 120 V and 230 V, eliminating the need for market specific self-powered loudspeakers and related reliability issues.
THD+N (typical) < 0,05 % (20 Hz – 20 kHz, 3 dB below rated power)
DSP 96k Hz sample rate, mixed-mode 64-bit digital processing, 120 dB dynamic range, less than 600 microsecond latency
Network Ethernet / IP DHCP (or fixed IP) for remote monitoring and control
Transducer Data
LF Driver Description 12″, paper cone, cloth surround, 4″ (100 mm) voice coil, ferrite, 8 Ohms
HF Driver Description 4in (100mm) voice coil Neo Truextent® beryllium diaphragm
Inputs Female XLR input with male XLR loop output for both analog input and AES EBU digital input (default digital AES channel 1, channel 2 selectable remotely via software). If clock is present system uses AES digital input. System will fall back on analog input if clock is not present.
Cabinet Material Multi-ply wood birch hardwood
Cabinet Surface Black 12 step Dura-Coat LX coating
Dimensions (H x W x D) 16.06 x 24.88 x 13.90 in
408 x 632 x 335  mm
Weight TBD

†Long Term Max SPL is recommended for system design purposes and represents the average peak output before protection and after power compression. In accordance with common industry practice, Peak Data is provided for comparison purposes.


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