a-Class systems are designed specifically for working professionals seeking the ideal balance of sound quality, versatility and value. Benefitting from many of the same design principles behind our flagship h-Class, the a-Class brings similar voicing characteristics to a highly versatile family ideal for of addressing applications ranging from houses of worship to theatres, auditoria and portable PA. And because a-Class voicing is exceptionally consistent, users can easily combine different models into countless configurations while maintaining the signature "family" sound.
a-fmaily-right-all-IMG_8657 Full-range models combine custom neodymium transducers with system optimized crossovers and enclosures.
The complete a-Class features four full-range models, including the ultra-compact a-8 and a-10, as well as the larger a-12 and a-15 systems. Three powerful subwoofers round out the line. Every a-Class full-range model combines a neodymium LF transducer, neodymium compression driver, and a system-optimized, high-order crossover to deliver a smooth and accurate frequency response at maximum SPLs. Each compression driver is mounted to a 70 x 55 degree horn that can be rotated for ideal dispersion in either horizontal or vertical configurations.
Bi-amp or passive modes The a-12 and a-15 are capable of operate in either passive (single amped) or bi-amped modes via a simple, high current switch located on the rear panel.

a-Class subwoofers

a-class subwoofer family as-418, as-215, as-115 a-Class Subwoofer Family as-418, as-215, as-115
Every component inside our a-Class subwoofers was optimized  specifically for the line. From the powerful transducers with large, 4-inch voice coils for increased power handling and decreased power compression, to the precision-tuned vents and crossover networks, every individual element within an a-Class subwoofer works in perfect harmony and at peak efficiency to deliver an impactful and defined low end. Topping the line is the formidable as-418 (far left), which uses a unique, dual-isobaric configuraration to serve up four 18-inch transducers in an enclosure the size of most dual 18-inch designs, while delivering less distortion and as much as half the power compression for more usable power. Joining the as-418 are the dual 15-inch as-215, and the single 15-inch as-115.

Built for the long haul

a-8 atop an as-115 subwoofer a-8 atop an as-115 subwoofer
a-Class cabinets are manufactured to stringent ISO standards using multi-ply, cross-grain laminated birch with extensive interior bracing for resonant-free performance. Full-range models feature a unique pentagon shape for easy use in either monitor or FOH orientations. Integrated hanging points provide flexible flying options, while a cup-mount system allows for portable use on stands or atop a-Class subwoofers. A rugged, polyurethane finish ensures long-term durability through years of on-the-road service.