Tools of the Trade


  • Premium commercial loudspeakers for applications ranging from foreground music to ancillary fill for large distributed PA systems
  • Professional grade transducers featuring advanced materials such as silk dome HF diaphragms, butyl rubber surrounds and high power voice coils
  • Real wood enclosures that exhibit dramatically less resonance then the best plastic enclosures, for greatly improved fidelity
  • Versatile surface mounting hardware included with all i-Class full range systems for immediate use and at no extra cost
  • Full range and subwoofer systems available in both powered and passive variations for ultimate versatility
  • Most models available in white or black finish

The-New-Benchmark i-class-fmailyi-Class is designed specifically for AV contractors seeking a high- performance alternative to the bevy of plastic box systems available today. Every i-Class loudspeaker benefits from the same design and manufacturing techniques behind VUE’s most advanced loudspeaker systems. From the smallest surface-mount models to the robust is-15 and is-18 subwoofers, i-Class loudspeakers feature purpose-built transducers, precision crossovers and electronics, real wood enclosures, and bundled mounting hardware. The net result is a broad family of ready-to-use, high-value and high-performance commercial loudspeakers that allow contractors and system designers to provide new levels of sonic performance for applications ranging from foreground music to ancillary fill for large distributed PA systems.

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i-4.5 Compact Full Range System

i-2×4.5 Full Range System

i-6 Full Range System

i-8 Full Range System

is-26 Dual 6-in Compact Subwoofer

is-15 Single 15-in Vented Subwoofer

is-18 Single 18-in Subwoofer

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i-4.5 Surface-Mount Foreground System Web-HTML-icon i-4.5 HTML  a-8 PDF
i-2×4.5 Dual 4.5-inch Surface Mount Foreground System Web-HTML-icon i-2×4.5 HTML  i-2×4.5 PDF
i-6 & i-6a Compact Full Range Foreground Systems Web-HTML-icon i-6 & i-6a HTML  i-6 PDF
i-8 & i-8a Compact Full Range Foreground Systems Web-HTML-icon i-8 & i-8a HTML  i-8 PDF
is-26 Compact Surface Mount Subwoofer Web-HTML-icon is-26 HTML  is-26 PDF
iis-15 & is-15a High Output Installation Subwoofers Web-HTML-icon is-15 HTML  is-15  PDF
iis-18 & is-18a High Output Installation Subwoofers Web-HTML-icon is-18 HTML  is-18  PDF



i-series-IMG_7487 The complete family includes surface-mount, full-range systems as well as powered and passive subwoofer options — allowing contractors and system designers to easily address applications ranging from compact PA to ancillary fill for larger systems. is-subsTo ensure long-term service and dependability, i-Class wood enclosures are protected with a rugged, industrial-grade coating. And because i-Class full range systems ship with surface mounting hardware right in the box, installers can immediately go to work without delay or extra cost.



Pro Drivers



Plastic vs Wood


i-Class offers AV contractors a high-performance alternative to the bevy of plastic-boxed systems available today. wood-vs-plastic-02


Every i-Class full-range model ships includes surface mounting hardware right in the box

Every i-Class full-range model ships includes surface mounting hardware right in the box

Rear Panel

i-class input

i-4.5 Input Connector




  • Restaurants
  • Bars and clubs
  • Corporate facilities
  • Cafes
  • Reception and waiting rooms
  • Offices and boardrooms
  • Themed entertainment venues
  • Houses of worship
  • Shopping malls, Retail outlets
  • Airports
  • Delay and under-balcony coverage


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