Design Philosophy


Achieving the perfect balance of high-SPL, bandwidth and low distortion, and maintaining that balance throughout the entire show, is a pursuit not accomplished in a lab alone. And for VUE Audiotechnik’s design chief Michael Adams, this well understood.

For nearly four decades, Michael has been designing systems for one of the most respected production giants in the US. His concrete grasp of acoustical science is balanced by intimate, first-hand knowledge of real-world conditions and the unique challenges that engineers and system techs face every day.

With the rigors of the road as his proving ground, Michael’s unique designs and aggressive testing methodologies have been honed in ways that a laboratory alone could never recreate. His rare combination of technical expertise and real-world savvy has made Michael one of the industry’s most sought-after collaborators, and his influence can be heard in some of professional audio’s most groundbreaking products.
Today, Michael’s perspective forms the bases of VUE Audiotechnik’s own development philosophy.  Through road-tested designs and state-of-the-art technologies, VUE engineers are improving everything from response linearity to coverage and output. And to ensure that each VUE Audiotechnik system delivers optimal performance throughout the show and under the most taxing conditions, we are integrating true, large-signal testing into our design process. At VUE Audiotechnik, we’re absolutely committed to improving every aspect of loudspeaker design, and we’re not afraid to think “outside the box” to achieve a better result.

Mike Adams early VUE ACM and Isobaric Design Meeting

Mike Adams early VUE ACM™ and Isobaric Design Meeting

US, German and Asian Development Meeting

US, German and Asian Development Meeting

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Michael Adams – VUE Design Chief