Kenny Kaiser – FOH The Killers & Brandon Flowers

Kenny Kaiser is using VUE i-Class i8-a’s as his FOH monitors. “These little guys are great sounding as well as have the punch to cut through the PA when I am cueing up channels and mixes.”

Joshua Reynolds – FOH Little Big Town & Blackjack Billy

Joshua Reynolds mixed ‘Blackjack Billy’, on a VUE al-Class system at the 2015 CMA Music Fest (formerly known as Fan Fest) in Nashville, TN First Impressions of hearing the VUE System:  “I had come out to a demo of the speakers at a local install house and was impressed at that point with the clarity of […]

Josh Osmond – FOH John Legend, The Lumineers, Pretty Man

Josh Osmond mixed FOH  for Pretty Man at BottleRock 2015 Festival on a VUE al-Class al-8 & al-4 combo array. “The system was very transparent.  It reacted incredibly well to any changes I made in the mix.  I thought the sub was also very musical, unlike so many of the one note wonders that are […]

Mark Allsbaugh – FOH Engineer Lettuce

Mark Allsbaugh mixed on a VUE al-Class 8 & 4 combo array at 2015 BottleRock Festival “I mixed on the VUE system tonight, it sounded great, I loved it. It was nice, clean, rich, I had good time. I look forward to the next time on it.”

Adam Deitch – Drummer for Lettuce & Break Science

Adam Deitch played drums with highly acclaimed funk band “Lettuce” at the 2015 BottleRock festival on a VUE Audiotechnik a single hm-212 with two hs-25 subwoofers as his drum fill. “VUE monitors are crispy clear and it’s got right amount of thump. It just felt like a record on stage. I had a great night.”

Chris Bargie – Monitor Engineer for Lettuce

Chris Bargie was mixing monitors for the funk band “Lettuce” at BottleRock 2015 Festival. The VUE system on stage comprised of a dozen hm-212 wedges, a single hm-212 & with two hs-25s as a drum fill system,  h-12Ns & hs-28 subwoofers taking care of stage fills, with a single h-8s at monitors mix position. “ Monitors […]

Sebastien Poux – Freelance FOH Engineer

Sebastien Poux has been in the Live Sound Industry for 11 years, and mixing for 6 years. On the VUE system Rigging: “This was my first experience on a VUE system. The angles are easily moved once rigged together, it actually rigged pretty fast.” About his favorite PA’s: “I am very sensitive to High Frequencies, […]

Tib Csabai – FOH Grizfolk

Tib Csabai has been mixing for about 15 years, and about a year and half with this band – right from their beginning. About my favourite PA: “With these guys and my personal taste is about as flat and representative to as what’s coming from the console, that’s what I want to come out of […]

Aaron Gittleman – FOH AER

Aaron Gittleman was mixing FOH for AER on a VUE al-Class system. What I look for in a favorite PA: “I  first look for a flatness in an EQ” First impressions mixing on a VUE System: “The VUE System was awesome. The first thing I noticed was the full range and power. I had my master […]

Deanne Franklin – FOH Napa Crossroads

Mixing since 1982, some notable acts she’s mixed include Tom Waits, David Byrne, Sonic Youth & The Breeders. What I look in a PA System: “Versatility – doing a lot of theaters and sheds it’s really important to have a PA that’s powerful and meaty and yet clear everywhere without mud.” About mixing on a […]