H.A.S. Productions Deploys VUE Line Arrays for TLC at Red Rocks Casino

“By combining different sized al-Class elements into hybrid arrays, we have a lot of creative freedom to address everything from SPL and coverage to sightline and weight, while being fully confident that voicing is always consistent. My VUE al-Class systems are by far the most versatile additions to my inventory yet.”

-Larry Hall, President of H.A.S. Productions

VUE al-8 Wins Fans at Atlanta Dogwood Festival

“We had several notable sound guys come through during the event. They were all impressed with the system responsiveness, fullness of the sound, and how hard you can push it. The beryllium top end sounds absolutely pristine at virtually any volume, and you could literally feel the subs in your chest well past the 150-foot mark. Those subs are the perfect companion for the al-8 array. Overall we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

-Bill Abner, Event Manager for Live Outdoor Events at True Productions

VUE Swings with Bell Biv Devoe

“I’m a VUE zealot and of course it is the right choice for both schedule and performance reasons. We had no time for tricky setup and needed things to hang fast and sound great right out of the gate, which is why we went with VUE. The al-12 rig has enough horsepower to absolutely knock your socks off, but the right amount of finesse to keep things sane.”
-Larry Hall, H.A.S. C.E.O.

VUE and Bell Events Deliver Perfect Waves for Spyder Surf Fest

“Without a doubt, VUE’s versatility has helped us to build a reputation for delivering high-quality sound that is up and rocking without a bunch of extra time or expense. We’re incredibly pleased with our VUE partnership and looking forward to expanding the line in the future.”
– Tim Campbell, Audio Supervisor and Operations Manager at Bell Event Services

VUE Elevates the Crowd at 43rd Annual Navasartian Games

“While people were pretty impressed with the VUE rig in 2017, our first year using it at the event, they were even more impressed this year as my team really got familiar with the system’s capabilities and were able to really maximize performance. It’s great knowing that the VUE rig helped achieve the spirit of the event — to “Rise and Raise” — even in spite of the intense heat wave felt really great,”
– Neptune Production’s President, Raffi Ganoumian

Bell Events Services kicks off Fiesta Hermosa with VUE Audiotechnik

“We’ve been using VUE systems since the company’s beginning. We literally feel like we’re part of the family. As more people hear what these systems can do, word of mouth is driving demand, and our business is benefiting as a result. It’s very exciting to be on the ground floor of the next big thing.”
– Tim Campbell, Audio Supervisor and Operations Manager for Bell Events Services

VUE Proudly Powers San Francisco Pride Celebration

“Driving in San Francisco is challenging on a good day, but when you’re driving trucks in and out and navigating 1 million spectators in a 36-square-mile city, that makes for a pretty wild ride. All the more reason we love the VUE al-Class since setup is a breeze and they require little to any tuning once flown. We absolutely love this PA.”
-George Edwards, Sound Image San Francisco General Manager

VUE Line Arrays Takes the Stage with REO Speedwagon

“The VUE line arrays always amaze me with their configurability and headroom. REO’s FOH engineer was very impressed, like so many engineers who get their first chance to mix on a VUE rig when they come through this venue. After the show, it goes straight to their rider.”
-Larry Hall, H.A.S. CEO

VUE Dazzles Fourth Season at BottleRock

“This was hands-down the highest-profile lineup of any BottleRock yet, and the al-12s consistently impressed visiting engineers with their almost limitless headroom, sonic quality and overall punch.”
 -Jason Alt, President of Delicate Production

InfoComm 2018

“After a whirlwind year that saw pro audio’s favorite sleep-deprived entrepreneur, Ken Berger, and his motley band of speaker henchpeople take on the likes of Kendrick Lamar, N.E.R.D, Pharrell Williams and Neon Carnival, VUE landed in Vegas to remind everyone why the biggest little company in pro audio is all about the future.”