VUE Dazzles Fourth Season at BottleRock

Now in its sixth year, BottleRock is a three-day music festival that hosts some of the most popular touring musicians at the Napa Valley Expo Center in the heart of California’s Wine Country. Held over Memorial Day weekend from May 25 – 27, VUE was back for their fourth round with the festival. Delicate Productions once again provided full production services for the event, including a complete PA from VUE Audiotechnik on the Miner Family Winery stage.

The main FOH system consisted of two CST arrays, each with eight large-format al-12 elements; while 16 hs-221 dual 21-inch Infrasonic ACM subwoofers were positioned along the front of the stage in five groups of three units each.

InfoComm 2018

“After a whirlwind year that saw pro audio’s favorite sleep-deprived entrepreneur, Ken Berger, and his motley band of speaker henchpeople take on the likes of Kendrick Lamar, N.E.R.D, Pharrell Williams and Neon Carnival, VUE landed in Vegas to remind everyone why the biggest little company in pro audio is all about the future.”

Neptune Productions Picks VUE for Invite-Only Celeb-fest, Neon Carnival

“The organizers wanted to create a very immersive audio experience,” explained Neptune Productions President, Raffi Ganoumian. “Since the venue is relatively open and flat, and the stage has a low ceiling height at just 16 feet, our solutions needed to be both compact and visually inconspicuous while offering a high level of fidelity and output.”

To achieve the objective, the Neptune team deployed a total six VUE al-Class line array systems—taking full advantage of VUE’s Continuous Source Topology, which allows different sized al-Class elements to be seamlessly combined into hybrid, mixed-element arrays. For the main stage, left and right hybrid arrays were comprised of four al-12 elements with an additional four al-8 elements as underhang. In addition, four al-8 elements were flown from lifts on both sides of the stage as out fills.

VUE China Kicks Off Expanded Market Presence at Grammy Fest, Beijing

In keeping with its commitment to mirror VUE’s soaring worldwide market position in the Mainland Chinese market, the newly expanded VUE China deployed the VUE al-Class line array system at the world debut of GRAMMY Festival in Beijing on April 30, 2018. GRAMMY-winner Pharrell Williams, mixed by Kyle Hamilton on the VUE rig, headlined the one-day, nine-act festival on his very first visit to China in front of a crowd of more than 30,000 at the outdoor Chang-yang Music Theme Park. Other acts included DAYA, Macy Gray, Phoenix, Carly Rae Jepsen, James Bay, OneRepublic and two Chinese singers William Chan and Nicholas Tse. Shanghai-based VUE China partnered with production company Wuhan Blues to provide the system set up.

Kyle Hamilton, on a break between the European and U.S. legs of the Kendrick Lamar “Damn” Tour, mixed Pharrell William’s headline act on the VUE rig. Now an al-class veteran after the 36-show North American leg of the tour, Hamilton was still impressed with the system’s performance.

“The thing that continues to amaze me with the al-class is its fidelity,” lauded Hamilton. “The highs on the al-12s are clear and clean and totally transparent. It was so cool to deliver Pharrell’s first-ever Chinese performance, and to do it on a rig that I’ve said from the very beginning was going to change the entire game.”

VUE Scores at First-Annual Charleston Marley Cup

“The PA ran on cruise all day and the visiting engineers were all blown away by how massive 16 boxes sounded in this soccer stadium”.

– H.A.S. CEO Larry Hall

VUE and Access Audio Turn Up the Volume at Grace Church Rally

With coverage precision, intelligibility and easy rigging topping the list of “must haves” for the Grace Point event, Access Audio’s Director of Operations, Chris Knueven wasted no time specifying VUE al-8 line array stems complete with companion al-8SB flyable subwoofers for low-frequency extension.

“VUE’s al-Class arrays provide excellent coverage and are very musical, especially in the mid-range,” explained Knueven. “Having both al-4s and al-8s in our shop allows us to create coherent arrays of almost any size, or break the system up into smaller PA’s as well. The system rigs really quickly and sounds great for both music and spoken word, all of which are critically important in the house-of-worship market.”

VUE Crosses the Finish Line with Bell Event Services

The 39th annual Redondo Beach 10k/5k race hosted thousands of costumed runners to kick off Super Bowl Sunday festivities. The race route took runners past some South Redondo Beach highlights, including King Harbor, The Esplanade, and Riviera Village. At the finish line in Seaside Lagoon, the Health & Fitness Expo attracted fitness enthusiasts with family activities, food and fitness industry vendors, and live music.

Bell specified a mono-hang array of 16x VUE al-4 elements, the top-12 configured to distribute audio to Expo guests, and the bottom four to light up the sidewalk and street for runners and onlookers. Tim Campbell, Bell Event Services audio/operations manager, had each box set at the same amplitude with no shading needed. The single array had an effective throw of more than 300 feet and reached the back of the Lagoon and beyond.

VUE Drops the Beat at Italian Music Festival in Palermo

In the Sicilian capital of Palermo, the fifth annual Beat Full Festival boasted a range of performances from hip-hop to electro-rock. Set on a one-and-a-half acre section next to the UNESCO World Heritage Zisa Cultural Site, the Festival featured a headline performance from the most-discussed Italian artist of 2017 — Gold and Platinum recording artist and master of the Italian rap/hip-hop scene, Ghali.

Under the masterful guidance of lead live sound engineer, Rosario “Saro” Tine, Sinergie Group provided system design and rental services for the Festival. This was Singergie’s second consecutive year providing audio services to the Festival and the 7th major deployment of their VUE arsenal during a very active 2017 Italian summer festival season.

VUE Takes to the Ring with HBO World Championship Boxing

Citing its flexibility and class-leading size-to-performance ratio, Audio Visual Live, Inc. (“AVL”) recently deployed a VUE al-8 line array system for the HBO Boxing After Dark live broadcast event on January 27, 2018. Looking to strike the ideal balance of intelligibility, directionality and SPL, AVL identified the VUE line array as the best option for the challenging, low-headroom indoor arena, The Forum, in Los Angeles.

AVL has handled production for many televised boxing events for promoters across multiple networks. This venue has always presented a challenging tradeoff between ideal system performance and size.

As is typical with live-broadcasts, AVL needed a system that could handle a range of material — from high-SPL DJ performances to the ring announcer’s spoken word — all without disruption to the live TV broadcast. Directionality and precision of coverage were also key to avoid covering areas that require lower SPL. Adding to the challenge was a relatively low 30-foot clearance from the top of the lighting truss to the venue ceiling.

VUE Wraps the Italian Summer Festival Season at Indiegeno

According to Sinergie’s Livio Spallino, the festival was a great example of how VUE provides Sinergie with a competitive edge, and has helped make them the go-to sound company on the Italian music festival circuit. “The Indiegeno Festival was essentially 6 live venues packaged into one festival. With each new day we had to design a system with diffusion suitable for particular circumstances ranging from squares in ancient villages to nature reserves and beaches. Thanks to Sinergie’s Rosario “Saro” Tinè as the Festival’s resident FOH engineer, and the flexibility and sonic character of VUE’s Continuous Source Topology, we were able to configure systems that delivered each and every night. With VUE in our arsenal, we know we can take on these sorts of complex projects and exceed client, and audience, expectations every single time.”