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  • Intelligent line array systems combine highly-scalable acoustic elements with system optimized amplification and next-generation networked DSP technology
  • Precision transducers deliver unmatched performance with advanced materials such as Truextent® beryllium diaphragms, Kevlar cones, neodymium magnets, and VUE’s unique acoustic shades
  • Integrated rack-mount V Series amplifier/dsp processors are factory configured for optimal performance and instantaneous results
  • SystemVUE networking and control capabilities, as well as EASE Focus2 array modeling software come standard
  • Sophisticated hardware/software integration enables full compatibility with VUEPoint beam forming technology
  • VUE subwoofer options are available to complement virtually any application
  • Sharing the same MF/HF components, the al-4 and al-8 can be easily combined to make virtually seamless vertical arrays
  • Options available for a variety of flying and ground stacking configurations, as well as transport and storage

Multi Band Line Array Systems

Bringing a whole new level of versatility and sound quality to mainstream line array applications, VUE’s al-Class line array systems feature state-of-the-art transducers–including VUE’s unique beryllium compression drivers–as well as intelligent system electronics, onboard SystemVUE networking, and full compatibility with VUEPoint beam forming technology.


VUE’s precision compression driver with Truextent beryllium dome for unparalelled HF performance

All this technology is packed into two tightly- integrated electroacoustic line array systems that are made up of the al-Class acoustic elements and V Series System Engines, which provide power, processing and SystemVUE networking capabilities optimized for each array.

Two line arrays make up the al-Class family. The subcompact al-4 and the larger al-8 both benefit from VUE’s most advanced technologies and designs, including a perfectly symmetrical transducer configuration that provides exceptional coverage control and unmatched sound field consistency.

al-4 and al-8 acoustic elements are mated to the V4 and V6 Systems Engines, respectively, to form a complete line array system. The V Series System Engines provide a highly-sophisticated, system optimized DSP/amplifier architecture that allows each individual component–from transducers, amplifiers and enclosures, all the way out to the SystemVUE software itself–to work in perfect harmony for precise control and easy operation. In fact, VUE’s DSP technology is so powerful that it dramatically improves “out -of-the-box” performance while streamlining setup. Operators simply assemble the array, then select the appropriate array configuration from the SystemVUE software. Minimal EQ or tweaking is required and the operator is free to concentrate on creating the perfect mix.

The sophisticated combination of cutting- edge transducer technology, real-world cabinet design, and next generation integrated system electronics allow al-Class to deliver unprecedented sound quality, coverage control and scalability for applications ranging from corporate events to live concerts, fixed theater installations, ba houses of worship, and much more. VU

Symmetrical Transducer Configuration


Combine al-4 and al-8 arrays for better near field coverage that maintains consistent voicing while minimizing low frequency buildup.

The al-Class line array elements benefit from a perfectly symmetrical transducer configuration that provides exceptional pattern control, while also making it easy to scale up and down, or mix different al-Class models together.

The subcompact two-way al-4 element features dual 4-inch Kevlar/ Neodymium mid-range drivers flanking a 1-inch exit neodymium compression driver with Truextent beryllium diaphragm. The al-4’s mid-range units are outfitted with VUE’s unique lateral acoustic shade modules that acoustically “move” the drivers closer together in order to optimize directivity of the woofers at their upper operating range for a smooth transition over the entire coverage area.

The three-way al-8 element doubles the al-4′s MF/HF section for a total of four mid-range units and two beryllium compression drivers. The al-8 then adds dual 8-inch woofers for greater LF frequency extension and output.

The transducers are arranged for perfect symmetry from L to R. This makes scaling up or down as simple as adding or removing elements. What’s more, because the al-4 and al-8 elements share virtually identical MF/HF components, it’s easy to hang al-4 arrays beneath al-8 arrays for near field coverage that maintains consistent a voicing while minimizing low frequency buildup.

V-Series Brings the Brains and the Brawn

V4V6 Stack

V4 Systems Engine with optional LCD display (bottom) and V6 Systems Engine install version

The rack-mount, 2U-sized V4 and V6 Systems Engines provide as many as six dedicated amplifier channels (four in the V4) with more than enough “oomph” to tri-amp up to four al-8 elements (V6), or bi-amp up to eight al-4 elements (V4). The V4 and V6 also contain a highly-sophisticated DSP architecture that acts as the “nerve center” for the al-Class line arrays. Fully optimized for every individual component within the al-CLass systems, VUE’s next-generation DSP technology is so smart that al-Class designers were able to pre-load the V Series Systems Engines with a broad library of system configurations.

VUEPoint Beam Forming Technology

For even greater coverage control, al-Class line array systems are fully compatible with the VUEPoint beam forming technology. Developed in partnership with Berlinbased AFMG Technologies, VUEPoint is a four-part process that combines VUE’s sophisticated DSP engine and SystemVUE software with AFMG’s revolutionary FIRmaker technology. Best of all, VUEPoint can be applied to any VUE Audiotechnik line array system without the need for special upgrades or add-ons. The capabilities are already integrated into the V4 and V6 System Engines and accessible via the SystemVUE software.


The VUEPoint beam forming process can be applied to any VUE line array system

Blocking the VUE


Flown al-4 array with al-4-sb isobaric subwoofer

al-Class Line Array Systems are sold in standard blocks. A standard al-4 block includes eight al-4 acoustic elements and a single V4 Systems Engine. A standard al-8 block includes four al-8 acoustic elements and a single V6 Systems Engine. Multiple blocks can be easily combined for more extensive systems. SystemVUE software allows for easy networking and optimization for the smallest to most expansive systems.

For applications where extended low frequency is required, the al-Class line array systems are fully compatible with a variety of VUE subwoofers. Flexible options allow flying or ground stacking of al-4 arrays, while an underhand fly bar allows al-4 and al-8 arrays to be combined for improved near field coverage.

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