I felt instantly comfortable with the VUE system [al-8]. It was beautiful, really smooth and totally responsive. I could literally feel it in my body it was so clear. I loved it.

Claudia EnglehartFOH EngineerBill Frisell

Dallas Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center Demo

VUE Demo @
Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center
July 24 • 1-4 PM
2301 Flora St, Dallas, TX 75201 . . . . .
Bormann’s Pat Lee along with VUE’s VP North American Sales, Jeff Taylor will be on hand to host the demo. This is a rare opportunity to hear the clarity and detail of VUE’s Beryllium based systems in one of the world’s best sounding symphony hall. The Meyerson Symphony Center was designed by architect I.M. Pei and acoustician Russell Johnson’s of Artec Consultants. It is ranked one of the world’s greatest orchestra halls by Leo Beranek. . . .

The demo will end promptly at 4PM, please use the form to register and get more information.

Want to understand the latest developments in line array technology?

ACOUSTIC LINEARITY is the sum total of the process and technology that went into developing the al-Class. The Acoustic Linearity White Paper covers the development of line array loudspeakers from the 1930’s through Continuous Source Topology (CST™) technology as applied in the VUE al-Class systems that offer useful and flexible suite of sound reinforcement tools to address a wide range of field applications.

Bottlerock Napa 2017

VUE continues to grow al-12 supporters among FOH and System Engineers. For the third year in a row, Delicate Productions provided full production Bottlerock, the Napa, CA based Food, Wine and Music Festival. Delicate Productions deployed a VUE-based system on the Miner Family Winery Stage. The main FOH system consisted of two hybrid CST arrays, each of which consisted of 8x al-12’s with 2x al-8’s under hung for front coverage.

Sound Image Bay Area Takes The Stage with VUE

Escondido, California based Sound Image has expanded operations and set sights on a new location focused on Northern California. From audio, lighting, and video, to virtually everything in between, Sound Image Productions opened its Bay Area office in February, with a fully equipped toolbox including a complete inventory of audio solutions from VUE Audiotechnik. Sound Image’s President and CEO, Dave Shadoan appointed George Edwards as General Manager at the new facility.

“This is a very discerning and diverse market,” explained George. “But most of the local houses are highly specialized, and offer a very “us-too” audio selection. Our objective is to be different, with a fully modern audio toolbox, and a broad selection of production service for anything from a corporate event to a full-scale concert system. Plus, with the Sound Image name, customers know that we have the experience and resources to really deliver regardless of complexity.”

Chicago’s Apollo Theater Adds 270-Degree VUE Audio Solution

“For the Apollo, our objective was to achieve 270 degrees in the horizontal plane, while ensuring adequate vertical coverage without the need for additional front fill speakers,” explains Bilgore. “In addition, we also needed to deliver maximum intelligibility, since this is a very ‘live’ room that has to work for a variety of performance styles.”
Sensorium’s design consists of four clusters of eight VUE al-4 subcompact line array elements. The four arrays are carefully positioned around the extended main stage to deliver 270-degree coverage. “The beryllium HF drivers in the VUE systems deliver dynamic range and a level of intelligibility simply unmatched,” remarked Bilgore.

VUE Transforms Great Hills Baptist Church Worship Experience

Hybrid CST™ al-Class line array system solves long-standing coverage issues Escondido, Calif. — April 26, 2017 The recently commissioned VUE al-Class line array based system at Austin’s Great Hills Baptist Church is drawing rave reviews from Church leadership, sound engineers, and worshipers alike. Designed by Springfield MO -based Paragon 360, the VUE al-Class hybrid line […]