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The al-4’s compact size and ability to scale up and down, or drop in and out of a road case in pre-assembled stacks, makes it extremely easy to work with. It’s really the perfect balance of line array performance and single-box simplicity.

Jim StreeterFilm and Performance Theatre Production Manager Princeton University

Active Compliance Management (ACM)

ACM is a patent-pending, unique hybrid design that combines the attributes of direct radiating and band-pass configurations to reduce distortion and increase sound pressure output while decreasing box size. ACM technology utilizes a unique hybrid configuration in which two woofers share a common vented chamber. One woofer’s frontal radiation is direct, while the second woofer is set at 90 degrees and drives a bandpass vented chamber that has fourth-order response characteristics. Each woofer … Read more

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al-12 Line Array System

Re-thinking the Possibilities VUE’s al-Class line array systems have achieved international recognition for raising the bar for sonic definition, through a combination of advanced transducer design and tightly integrated dsp, The al-12 expands the scale of applications that can benefit from the al-Class’ pristine sonic performance. The al-12 was designed from the ground up to cover large-scale applications while preserving the unique ability to integrate with all of the al-Class members in … Read more


VUE al-12 unleashes full arsenal of class-leading line array tech on unsuspecting concert goers in SUMMER TOUR Extravaganza

VUE al-12 unleashes full arsenal of class-leading line array tech on unsuspecting concert goers in SUMMER TOUR Extravaganza. As the second North-American stop for VUE’s newly released al-12 Line Array system Summer Festival Tour Extravaganza, unsuspecting punters will be treated to a whole arsenal of VUE loudspeaker products on the Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard Stage. Not only will the stage feature a VUE main PA system, but will also deploy VUE stage monitors, subwoofers and fill speakers.



VUE Audiotechnik debuted the al-12, the newest and largest addition to the company’s successful al-Class of Scalable Line Array Systems, at InfoComm 2016. Designed for large-scale applications, the al-12 is designed for higher efficiency, increased power handling and reduced power compression. VUE incorporates unique, proprietary transducer designs in each al-Class acoustic line array element. Every individual component development project carefully weighs the design trade-offs, to optimize parameters for maximum output capability and heat dissipation, frequency response linearity, duty-cycle reliability, and minimum size and weight.


Want to understand the latest developments in line array technology? Download the ACOUSTIC LINEARITY White Paper.

ACOUSTIC LINEARITY is the sum total of the process and technology that went into developing the al-Class.

The al-Class of scalable line array systems with flyable subwoofers and supporting VUEDrive Systems Engines with SystemVUE networking and control capabilities offer a useful and flexible suite of sound reinforcement tools to address a wide range of field applications.

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Frank Loyko Joins VUE To Oversee Global Distribution

VUE Audiotechnik announces the addition of Frank Loyko to the position of Vice President Global Sales where he will oversee all of the company’s global sales and distribution activities and initiatives. Based in Seattle, Loyko brings 36 years of executive experience building sales networks at professional audio companies including EAW, RCF, Avid Technology and the TC Group.