The al-12’s pack a punch! There’s plenty of power out of the box, which basically lead to a lot of headroom on my master fader

Sebastien PouxFOH EngineerDelicate Productions

Truextent Beryllium

Learn why VUE’s use of beryllium allows VUE systems to provide audiophile quality high-frequency clarity and detail unique to high output systems.
Beryllium’s extremely high stiffness-to-mass ratio, outperforms both aluminum and titanium by dramatically reducing mechanical deformation (breakup), and shifting resonant frequencies outside the audible range. As a result, beryllium offers the potential to advance loudspeaker performance well beyond today’s “state-of-the-art” systems.

Want to understand the latest developments in line array technology?

ACOUSTIC LINEARITY is the sum total of the process and technology that went into developing the al-Class. The Acoustic Linearity White Paper covers the development of line array loudspeakers from the 1930’s through Continuous Source Topology (CST™) technology as applied in the VUE al-Class systems that offer useful and flexible suite of sound reinforcement tools to address a wide range of field applications.

Neptune Productions Picks VUE for Invite-Only Celeb-fest, Neon Carnival

“The organizers wanted to create a very immersive audio experience,” explained Neptune Productions President, Raffi Ganoumian. “Since the venue is relatively open and flat, and the stage has a low ceiling height at just 16 feet, our solutions needed to be both compact and visually inconspicuous while offering a high level of fidelity and output.”

To achieve the objective, the Neptune team deployed a total six VUE al-Class line array systems—taking full advantage of VUE’s Continuous Source Topology, which allows different sized al-Class elements to be seamlessly combined into hybrid, mixed-element arrays. For the main stage, left and right hybrid arrays were comprised of four al-12 elements with an additional four al-8 elements as underhang. In addition, four al-8 elements were flown from lifts on both sides of the stage as out fills.

h-Class Additions Extend Ultra Premium Performance Product Line 

VUE Audiotechnik will use this week’s NAMM show in Anaheim to show off two new models in its premium h-Class family of high definition powered systems. The hm-108A is a precision slant stage monitor packing the full arsenal of VUE’s most advanced technologies into a compact, fidelity-first monitoring system. Also new is the h-8N, a narrow dispersion sibling to VUE’s h-8, the most popular model in VUE’s h-Class family.

VUE Crosses the Finish Line with Bell Event Services

The 39th annual Redondo Beach 10k/5k race hosted thousands of costumed runners to kick off Super Bowl Sunday festivities. The race route took runners past some South Redondo Beach highlights, including King Harbor, The Esplanade, and Riviera Village. At the finish line in Seaside Lagoon, the Health & Fitness Expo attracted fitness enthusiasts with family activities, food and fitness industry vendors, and live music.

Bell specified a mono-hang array of 16x VUE al-4 elements, the top-12 configured to distribute audio to Expo guests, and the bottom four to light up the sidewalk and street for runners and onlookers. Tim Campbell, Bell Event Services audio/operations manager, had each box set at the same amplitude with no shading needed. The single array had an effective throw of more than 300 feet and reached the back of the Lagoon and beyond.

VUE Delivers A+ Performance at Calvin Performing Arts Theater

With sound quality at the top of their list, school leaders tapped Fallbrook, California’s Quiet Voice Audio (“QVA”) to provide complete audio system design and installation services for their new space. For Calvin Christian, QVA’s undeniable track record and impressive portfolio spoke for itself. Notable QVA installations include the California Performing Arts Center, Broadway Theater and the House of Blues, to name just a few. San Diego Stage and Lighting was also brought in to provide acoustic consultation and treatment.

“Being local, we’ve attended several impressive VUE demonstrations over the years and always leave very impressed. But having the opportunity to hear Mike Adams explain the science behind the al-4 was very motivating. There’s a genuine uniqueness to the VUE formula that’s like nothing else out there. Our confidence was further bolstered when we installed the al-4s in the challenging acoustic environment at St. Gregory Church in San Diego. The results were simply excellent.”